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NEWS ARTICLE:So the Left lied and lied again about immigration

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NEWS ARTICLES: May Day mayhem: Police battle protesters with pepper spray and flashbangs as Seattle streets turn violent and 18 are arrested

May 6, 2013   Comments Off on NEWS ARTICLES: May Day mayhem: Police battle protesters with pepper spray and flashbangs as Seattle streets turn violent and 18 are arrested

Benghazi: A Wakeup Call

The death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and State Department information specialist Sean Smith is a wakeup call for all of us but not for the reasons you think.   Yes, this incident shows that Islamofacist terror is alive and well, still as dangerous as ever.   And yes, we need to keep our guard up.

However, the most disturbing aspect of this attack is the actions of our government before, during, and after the incident.   Of course most of the public knows little of the litany of Benghazi and low information voters are too busy signing up for Food Stamps, Obama Phones, watching American Idol, protesting Wall Street, and wading across the Rio Grande to care.

The actions of the Obama Administration concerning Benghazi have been criminal.   The fact that there is little public, media, or congressional outrage is what should scare everyone.   It is a sign that we have crossed a line; the rule of law no longer matters and is a sure sign of a completely broken system.

Let’s review a few of the most egregious aspects of this government cover-up:

Before The Attack:

There are numerous pleas to the highest levels of the State Dept. concerning the desperate  need for additional security.  These pleas were not only rejected, security was actually reduced.   The House interim report states that “reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, up to and including Secretary Clinton”.

Why did this happen?   According to the Accountability Review Board (ARB) chaired by Ambassador Pickering and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullins: low level incompetence, bureaucracy, and nothing to see here move along excuses that strain credulity.   This report is now being investigated by the Inspector General as a cover-up itself.   Critical witnesses were never interviewed including Hillary Clinton.   Clinton, Pickering and Mullins should be in prison for this, but it gets worse.

The Attack:

During the 12 hour attack on the Benghazi consulate (term may not be accurate, likely a CIA Outpost), officials in Benghazi begged for help, military assistance from a Special Forces team or the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) were denied.   The result was 4 dead and scores of other government employees injured, stranded in an ongoing attack on US soil.   Why was help rejected and who rejected it?   Only those at the highest level (Obama, Clinton, JCS, CIA) could have rejected the dying pleas for help.   The vacillating excuses for the reason to abandon our State Dept. personnel change daily and are outright ridiculous fabrications.

The Aftermath:

First and foremost the Obama Administration and various department secretaries (like UN Ambassador Susan Rice) claimed that the attack was the result of Muslim outrage about a unknown video for the next 16 days (Sept. 11 – 26).   Despite immediate, mounting, and obvious evidence the video had nothing to do with the attack the entire Obama Administration lied for 16 straight days.   Why?   Then on the 26th of Sept. Press Secretary Jay Carney said “…So, let’s be clear, it was a terrorist attack and it was an inexcusable attack” ending the future references to the video.

Two monumental warnings for all Americans stick out here.   The administration lied to the American people for over 2 weeks and the Press let them get away with it.   The Press proved in this one aspect that they are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the administration and Obama proved that he should be removed from office.

It gets worse.   The site of the attack contained huge amounts of classified documents and information.   This information, if known by our enemies, including the Al Queda terrorists that were involved in the attack, could put millions of Americans lives in jeopardy.   It took 24 days (Oct. 4th) for the administration to send the FBI to collect that information (what remained of it), they stayed for only 3 hours.


There is something more to this story than meets the eye.   Evidence is mounting that the Benghazi attack exposed a plan to arm the Syrian rebels hence the tortured lies, cover-ups, and allowing people to die.   Regardless, of the undercurrents of this story we know a few facts right now that we all better pound into our brains.

  1. There is no longer a free press (with a few exceptions), they have allied themselves with one political party (the Democrats).   You will no longer receive reliable Mass Media or MSM information.   All information you receive is processed by those are using the most tortured lies to deceive all of us and distributed by their MSM outlets.
  2. Either the Obama Administration is the most incompetent group of people to ever run a government or their actions are on purpose with specific goals unknown to us all.   Those goals are not aligned with American interests.   It is one or the other.
  3. This Administration will accept the deaths of even their own people to advance their stupidity or worse, their unknown goals.
  4. The system appears to be unable to accept this situation for what it is or deal with finding out the true story.

This is the America we live in now.   It will get far worse.

De Oppresso Liber


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NEWS ARTICLE: Ammo hoarding: Could bullets become currency?




As gun reform legislation rages through the halls of Congress and the White House, hunters and gun enthusiasts confront bare shelves and buying restrictions on supplies, even as retailers and manufacturers race to keep up with demand.

Wal-Mart limits buyers to three boxes when ammunition is available, and Cabela’s is limiting online orders to one box per day of the popular .22 long shells increasingly used as cheap ammo for target rifles and pistols, reports Forbes, which is tracking the trend.


A newly enacted Connecticut law now includes a $35 permit to buy ammo that requires a background check and is good for five years – unless the legislature shortens the term and increases the fee as a new source of tax revenue.

“But why the national shortage? Here’s my theory: Bullets are easy to store, non-perishable, and they hold their value or even increase in times of crisis.

So they’re a lot like gold or any other commodity that has served as hard money through the ages – or even the canned mackerel fillets that serve as currency in U.S. prisons,” says Forbes analyst Daniel Fisher.

“With states like Connecticut and Colorado passing strict new restrictions on gun owners and the President flying around the country to drum up support for national gun control, ammo buyers are like consumers queuing for gas or loading up on gold in the inflationary 1970s. They’re creating their own shortage,” he notes.

Mr. Fisher ponders a “bullet bubble” as well.

“Will today’s ammo hoarders be rewarded like gold buyers in 1972, or will they wind up like the folks who bought Bitcoins at $30 and watched them fall to two bucks a couple years ago?” he asks.


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The morons are coming for your guns

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy there has been a rush to twist the facts and politically exploit the crisis in order to emotionally (and dishonestly) justify starting to do away with our right to keep and bear arms.   The usual suspects on the left are wringing their hands and demonizing the rest of us in an effort to get the gun bans rolling.   Take the emotion out of the argument, use facts, address the real problems and they fail.

Here are a few facts that are conveniently overlooked:

The second amendment was created primarily to allow the population to defend itself against a tyrannical government.   The Founding Fathers are quoted everywhere stating this concept: “No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” (Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334,[C.J.Boyd, Ed., 1950]).   So when the low information voter (moron) or the left wing politician (evil bastards) starts spouting that we should not be allowed the similar weapons the government has, what they really want is your freedom.

Most of the high death toll incidents result in the suicide of the gunman before or as he is confronted by law enforcement or someone with a firearm.   They want to die on their terms and appear not to want to be wounded or captured unless they screw up.

Ann Coulter had an excellent article on 12/19/2012.   Here is an excellent list of facts that are left out of the propaganda of the left:

If the deterrent effect of concealed-carry laws seems surprising to you, that’s because the media ide stories of armed citizens stopping mass shooters. At the Portland shooting, for example, no explanation was given for the amazing fact that the assailant managed to kill only two people in the mall during the busy Christmas season.

It turns out, concealed-carry-holder Nick Meli hadn’t noticed that the mall was a gun-free zone. He pointed his (otherwise legal) gun at the shooter as he paused to reload, and the next shot was the attempted mass murderer killing himself. (Meli aimed, but didn’t shoot, because there were bystanders behind the shooter.)


If we care about reducing the number of people killed in mass shootings, shouldn’t we pay particular attention to the cases where the aspiring mass murderer was prevented from getting off more than a couple rounds?

– Mayan Palace Theater, San Antonio, Texas, this week: Jesus Manuel Garcia shoots at a movie theater, a police car and bystanders from the nearby China Garden restaurant; as he enters the movie theater, guns blazing, an armed off-duty cop shoots Garcia four times, stopping the attack. Total dead: Zero.

– Winnemucca, Nev., 2008: Ernesto Villagomez opens fire in a crowded restaurant; concealed carry permit-holder shoots him dead. Total dead: Two. (I’m excluding the shooters’ deaths in these examples.)

– Appalachian School of Law, 2002: Crazed immigrant shoots the dean and a professor, then begins shooting students; as he goes for more ammunition, two armed students point their guns at him, allowing a third to tackle him. Total dead: Three.

– Santee, Calif., 2001: Student begins shooting his classmates — as well as the “trained campus supervisor”; an off-duty cop who happened to be bringing his daughter to school that day points his gun at the shooter, holding him until more police arrive. Total dead: Two.

– Pearl High School, Mississippi, 1997: After shooting several people at his high school, student heads for the junior high school; assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieves a .45 pistol from his car and points it at the gunman’s head, ending the murder spree. Total dead: Two.

– Edinboro, Pa., 1998: A student shoots up a junior high school dance being held at a restaurant; restaurant owner pulls out his shotgun and stops the gunman. Total dead: One.

By contrast, the shootings in gun-free zones invariably result in far higher casualty figures — Sikh temple, Oak Creek, Wis. (six dead); Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va. (32 dead); Columbine High School, Columbine, Colo. (12 dead); Amish school, Lancaster County, Pa. (five little girls killed); public school, Craighead County, Ark. (five killed, including four little girls).

The bottom line is simple, the next time some whiney left wing libtard asks you “why do you need an assault weapon,”  the easy answer is to reply “To keep you and your kind from taking my stuff”.    That is the real purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

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On the Edge

On this cool October day in 2012 our country literally stands on the edge of disaster.   Our political and social systems have been systematically torn apart by a president and political party bent on total government control.   The very foundations of our Republic that have been under leftist attack for decades are now showing signs of complete failure.   Our economy and our debt are unsustainable; mathematically impossible to repair under current political conditions.   Our once dominant position in the world is now floundering leaving the entire world with a power vacuum that someone else will fill.   That is where we sit about 30 days from the most important election this country has ever had.

These statements are very dire indeed but an objective review of recent history will prove them out to be accurate and maybe even a bit rose colored.   Let’s review just a fraction of the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the recent past.   It is my contention the most dangerous problem we face is the breakdown of The Rule of Law.   Without a rule of law we are no longer a Democratic Constitutional Republic.

Rule of Law: 

George Washington said: “The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government” and today we live under a broken justice system.   If you are a little guy you can’t afford to engage in a civil system that costs more then your redress unless seeking multimillion dollar opponent killing settlements.   Anything less is a multiyear exercise in futility corrupted to enrich the bureaucracy, lawyers, and politicians denying justice for average citizens.   The perception that our civil justice system works for those of modest means is laughable.

Our criminal system is even worse especially when it comes to government malfeasance.   Criminal trials seam to take years to adjudicate and government officials are rarely prosecuted for offenses that a decade before would have quickly landed them in prison.   The most recent egregious examples that show an unaccountable government unchecked and beyond justice are:

  1. The Fast & Furious scandal where an Attorney General lies to congress and a president enacts an illegal Executive Privilege claim to cover up for the AG and the covered up continues.
  2. The continuing Cover-Up of the Libyan Embassy attack.
  3. The dozens of unconstitutional executive orders issued by President Obama.  Over 900 Executive Orders ranging from imposing Marshall Law to take over’s of every sector of private property.
  4. The Unconstitutional White House guidance for defense contractors not to issue layoff notices (required by law) and that the gov’t. would pick up the tab for fines and compensation.   This is outright bribery.
  5. Obama essentially stopped enforcing a number of laws like Immigration and Welfare Reform.
  6. Obama has a kill list for terrorists including American citizens and has been using drones to execute U.S. Citizens without due process.
  7. For the first time in U.S. history the executive branch has manipulated unemployment reports.
  8. Sweetheart Dept of Energy loans to alternative failed energy corporations including foreign companies, many of which were Obama bundlers and supporters ($20 Billion plus).

These are but a few of the most recent examples; there are no doubt hundreds more behind the scenes illegal actions occurring with no oversight and consequences.   Most of these scandals and illegal acts are still continuing.   Congress appears to be powerless to stop or prosecute them.   A democratic majority Senate (that has not submitted a budget in 4 years) has blocked any actions against the Executive Branch.

Worst of all is the press, which has completely allied itself with Obama and the Democrats.   Media bias and malfeasance has reached such a level that it has become a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.   Citizens have few ways to be aware of these scandals let alone have the Press aid them in stopping the corruption of this administration.

Vladimir Lenin said: “When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the “freedom of the press” goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.”   Without a free press (which has voluntarily abdicated its responsibility) the rule of law will die and is dying.

The only hope American citizens have is an upcoming election whose corruption can only be speculated upon and overcome.   Otherwise 4 more years of this President will fundamentally transform our country into something that resembles the USSR instead of the USA.

De Oppresso Liber



Interesting Quotes:

George Washington Quotes

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”

“The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government”

Jefferson Quotes

“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”
Nikita Khrushchev
The press is our chief ideological weapon.
Vladimir Lenin
The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

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Review of the World Situation

If you ever had reason to prepare for an emergency / disaster now is the time.   The world appears to be coming apart at the seams and in case you were sleeping the following will wake you up:

Social Unrest

World: On the heels of the so-called “Arab Spring” comes the Islamist Winter.   Anti-American protests are flaring up all over the Muslim World and are increasing in strength.   The map below, to include the highlighted areas are the latest areas where protesters are burning American Flags and trying to storm U.S. Embassies.   (As of 9/18/12)  The weak U.S. response emboldens even more Anti-US activity.

The U.S.:   The left and the right are setting themselves up for a titanic battle in the U.S. Elections in November.   The National Press has thrown all pretense of fairness away and has virtually become an arm of the Democratic Party.   The real concern here is the day after the election and the inevitable social unrest that will occur.

The Economic Crisis 

World:   The European Union is on the brink of economic meltdown.   Efforts to bail out the PIIGS of Europe (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, & Spain) are getting nowhere and it is only a matter of time before one of them completely defaults.   Since this is a global economy this will affect the U.S. and could cause our weak economy to meltdown as well.   Even China is going through an economic slowdown.

The U.S.:   Our debt is now over $16 Trillion and our unfunded liabilities (federal pensions and benefits) are more than $120 Trillion.   It is mathematically impossible to correct our disastrous economic condition and the Federal Reserve Bank has just started printing more money with QE3.   With QE3 inflation prospects are very high especially after the failed QE1 and QE2.   Commodities such as gas, food, & consumer goods are sure to rise very soon.

The U.S. also faces an avalanche of new taxes and automatic spending cuts culminating in January 2013 which will cause massive damage to the already weak U.S. economy.   The U.S. Government appears helpless  to stop this.

The Crisis in Iran

                Israel is poised to launch an attack on Iran to take out their Nuclear Weapons program.   The U.S. has been kicking this can down the road and signaling that when the attack occurs; Israel will be on their own.   If our elections oust the Obama régime Israel will soon launch an attack that we will support leading to a potential World War.

What does all of this mean to you?   Those that are not prepared are in for quite a surprise.  If our economy goes into meltdown with all of the social problems we face now, we are in for a rough ride.   Stores will be looted, the Government will squash all in their path, and the world will radically change for the worse.   Please prepare yourselves so that we can pick up the pieces and try to rebuild this great nation.

De Opresso Liber

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6 Charts That Show The Welfare State Run Amok

James Pethokoukis | July 11, 2012, 1:40 pm


The original purpose of Medicaid was to provide improved healthcare access for poor people, while not turning the safety net into a trap. Under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Medicaid will be greatly expanded beyond what Congress originally intended.

In fact, as these charts show, it has already expanded beyond what Congress surely originally envisioned and, in the process, has created a terrible fiscal problem for the United States. (These charts and graphics come from a briefing today here at AEI, conducted by Gary Alexander, secretary of public welfare for Pennsylvania.)

A few scary factoids:

– In the 1960s, there were 18 workers per Medicaid recipient. Today that number is 2.5.

– The number of Americans on disability has risen 19% faster than jobs created during this recovery.

– There are just 1.2 private sector workers per 1 person on welfare or working for government.

– There are now just 1.65 employed persons in private sector per 1 person on welfare assistance.

Check out the charts and graphics for yourself:

1. Fewer workers and their tax payments have to support more and more Medicaid recipients.

2. The number of takers is now approaching the number of makers.

3. Medicaid and other welfare enrollment has exploded.

4. Medicaid enrollment is growing faster than economy.

5. Medicaid spending? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

6. Disability enrollees have exploded and are rising faster than job creation.


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America’s Coming Civil War by: Arthur Herman

Published July 12, 2012


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Those were Abe Lincoln’s words in his first inaugural in 1861, as America was running headlong into civil war.  Now we’re a house divided again and another civil war is coming, with the 2012 election as its Gettysburg.

Call it America’s coming civil war between the Makers and the Takers.

On one side are those who create wealth, America’s private sector–the very ones targeted by President Obama’s tax hikes announced Monday.

On the other are the public employee unions; left-leaning intelligentsia who see the growth of government as index of progress; and the millions of Americans now dependent on government through a growing network of government transfer payments,  from Medicaid and Social Security to college loans and corporate bailouts and handouts (think GM and Solyndra).

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/07/12/america-coming-civil-war/

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PRUDEN: The new terrorists — they’re all of us


Barack Obama, the Chicago messiah who promised to unite a fragmented nation, is succeeding beyond his dreams, and maybe even the dreams of his father, which he wrote about so eloquently in his campaign autobiography.   We’re all terrorists now.

The Department of Homeland Security, ever on the scout for opportunities to blow taxpayer money, commissioned one of those “studies” so popular among college professors, to find clues that would identify prospective terrorists before they blow up airplanes, bring down skyscrapers and otherwise wreak havoc.   The “new studies” show that just about everybody must be dreaming of terrorism, plotting mayhem and chaos and teaching others how to do it.

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